A comparison of vietnamese and pakistani cultures

War Introduction Vietnam and Pakistan are two different nations displaying a broad spectrum of cultural values that these nations observe in their politics, economics, social and environmental domains.

A comparison of vietnamese and pakistani cultures

A comparison of vietnamese and pakistani cultures

Koreans in Chicago As of the U. Census there were 45, South Korean-origin people in the metro area. As of that year there were a total of 81, Filipinos in Chicago metropolitan area, including about 29, Filipinos in the City of Chicago.

Filipinos are not as tightly clustered together as other Asian ethnic groups are.

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The first group of Filipinos had to work as laborers in hotels and restaurants, for the post office, and for Pullman 's menial jobs due to discrimination. There were about 2, Filipinos in Chicago by After the Immigration and Nationality Act of passed, Filipino immigration increased.

There are also Indopak businesses in Chicago suburbs. In Cutler wrote that "Indians and Pakistanis are dispersed throughout the metropolitan area". Many initial settlers were professionals who arrived in Uptown and later relocated to wealthy suburbs.

As of many more recent immigrants, after arriving, start work as office workers, janitors, and taxicab drivers; they are from lower income backgrounds. Older Indians participate in the regional linguistic-based groups, but younger people do not participate as often.

Most Bangladeshi and Pakistani religious facilities are Muslim. But diverse ethnicities and sectarian groups of Pakistani origin often organize themselves along sectarian or ethnic lines.

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Cities with Hindu temples include AuroraBartlettand Lemont. The Lemont temple was dedicated in and as of the Bartlett temple is new. The most prominent suburban group is in Bridgeview. Many of them were university students. There are around 12 Thai groceries in the Chicago area as of At first produce was transported by aircraft from Bangkok since some Thais had difficulty in eating American food.

By many kinds of Thai produce were now produced in the United States. The largest is the Thai Buddhist Temple in Bridgeview. Three temples are in the southwest suburbs.


Some of them are Laotians. As ofseveral thousand Cambodians live in Chicago. Most of them are Buddhists and many had arrived in Chicago in from rural areas after the Khmer Rouge killings. Many live in the same areas as Laotians and Vietnamese, while some who had gained economic status after arriving moved to the suburbs.

The Cambodian Association is located in Uptown. As of that year the number of Indonesian restaurants was increasing.Sep 03,  · Great comparison, but remember, that all the nations of the world, its people, the celestial words and the very heavens "universes" are subjected to the laws of transition and that every country should find, which social ideologies are better for its own people and state and country, even if Reviews: Pakistani What is culture?

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Culture is set of learned behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideas that are characteristic of a particular society or population. In this paper, I will compare and contrast Pakistani and Vietnamese culture.

The Pakistani film. The Pakistani film "Verna" begins by portraying a beautiful young an analysis of friendship and loyalty woman who is married, An analysis of the information technology revolution in the world well-educated and is building a successful teaching career.

Asian population is diverse. Comparison of American and Vietnamese Culture Words Oct 28th, 10 Pages For this paper I will examine Vietnamese culture according to the five essential questions all cultures must answer (according to Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck). Tea culture is defined by the way tea is made and consumed, by the way the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking.

It includes aspects of tea production, tea brewing, tea arts and ceremony, society, history, health, ethics, education, and communication and media issues. Europe has many different cultures and yet every culture falls under a collective "western culture".

India too has many different cultures each of which falls under a collective "Indian culture". India probably has more diversity and history than the whole of European Union, combined.

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