A movie comparison of casablanca and saving private ryan

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A movie comparison of casablanca and saving private ryan

The Rider Wins Best Picture. Is an Oscar Next? Embracing air conditioning and watching a great patriotic movie can be a terrific complement, though!

Here are 10 eclectic and highly recommended patriotic films to watch over the holiday. It makes your heart take a leap, and it feels like they might light the screen on fire. Another big reason we all love this movie so much is how proud we are of the characters in the end.

Rick and Ilsa part ways for the greater good, and put a human face on the sacrifices made during wartime, even those made off the battlefield. The Greatest Generation, indeed. Saving Private Ryan You can divide the history of war films into two eras: Claude Rains and James Stewart in Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington Columbia Pictures 3. When a wartime ban on American films was announced in Germany inseveral German theaters chose this as the last film to screen before the ban went into effect. United 93 Universal Pictures 4. It is ultimately rewarding, and worth the ordeal it puts you through.

Scott in Patton 20th Century Fox 5. North, the film holds up surprisingly well nearly 50 years later. Watch this movie on the biggest TV you can find, and leap at the opportunity to see in on a big screen if the occasion arises. Flags of Our Fathers Dreamworks 6. Flags of Our Fathers, based on the book of the same name, tells the story of the five Marines and one Navy Corpsman who were involved in raising the flag on Iwo Jima, and the impact it made on their lives.

Letters From Iwo Jima is almost entirely in Japanese, and it is even more intimate, focused and daring. Watch these two films as a double feature for a newfound appreciation of one of the most insightful, humane and adventurous of all filmmakers.

Notorious On any list of classic films, there can never be too much Ingrid Bergman. Bergman plays Alicia Huberman, the daughter of an infamous Nazi who is recruited by a handsome American spy Devlin Cary Grant to infiltrate a ring of German conspirators to clear her name.

We fall head-over-heels for the complex and conflicted Alicia just as Devlin does when he catches her on tape defying her father and proclaiming her love for the United States.

It has a staggering emotional kick. What did you think of my list of great patriotic films?

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A movie comparison of casablanca and saving private ryan

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The Highest Grossing World War II Film Of All Time Is?

Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly.WWII is generally considered to be the only war with clear, defined good and bad sides, and Saving Private Ryan is told from the perspective of the good side, hence deep down, it is not anti-war.

At the same time, Saving Private Ryan for the most part is an honest portrayal of war. May 10,  · Saving Private Ryan comes in at 45 on IMDb’s Top with a rating of from nearly , votes so clearly it’s working a lot better for others than it did for me.

Many prominent movie critics are passionate about older movies such as these. Only the visual effects of today are really better. There are a few modern films that are excellent like Saving Private Ryan. Not to offend but anyone how honestly would consider something like Lord of the Rings or Dark Knight to be superb classics has no idea.

Are you a film freak? Take this quiz to find out how much of a cinemaphile you are. The film Casablanca was a plot device in the science-fiction television movie Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (), based on John Varley's story.

It was referred to in Terry Gilliam 's dystopian Brazil (). The Usual Suspects is a neo-noir mystery film directed by Bryan Singer and written by Christopher McQuarrie.

It stars Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio del Toro, Kevin Pollak, Chazz Palminteri, Pete Postlethwaite, and Kevin Spacey.

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