A review of start something that matters a book by blake mycoskie

Mycoskie's start was an unusual one: It's actually as cost efficient to be incredibly charitable as it is to do advertising. Blake Mycoskie He shares his top tips for success without compromising your ethics.

A review of start something that matters a book by blake mycoskie

The best point I think in his book is this: And eventually, you may find that you can help many others too. For every pair of TOMS shoes that a consumer buys, one pair is donated to a child in need.

One bought, one donated. It is a for-profit business that helps hundreds of thousands of children get shoes.

A review of start something that matters a book by blake mycoskie

I rather like this idea. With this model you can be a creator and incorporate a good cause into the business as well. One of the causes that I feel passionate about is hearing, or rather, treating hearing loss.

It would go something like this: Someone buys a hearing aid and subsequently the business donates a hearing aid to someone in need.

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This would involve going to a community where hearing aids are not available or are out of reach, and giving basic hearing tests to a group. Then, each child or adult would be fitted with an appropriately tuned hearing aid as well. There are also hearing aids that can be adjusted by the user, not just by an audiologist.

This type of hearing aid would be ideal because the user could have complete control over the volume of the aid.

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It would speed up the fitting process as well. Other hearing aid ideas There are a few other technologies to consider as well. Solar powered rechargeable batteries — that can be recharged and used for well over a year A hearing aid docking station — that also charges the hearing aids when not in use Some combination of solar powered charging and a docking station — so that electricity is not needed and the hearing aids can be recharged anywhere As for the hearing aids themselves, as a user I know that there are a few important qualities that must be incorporated.

For one, the hearing aid must be comfortable. Second, it must be small and relatively discrete. Third, I feel that waterproofing a hearing aid is a very important feature.

Fourth, battery life must be 10X better than the mainstream options in the U. Finally, I feel that making the hearing aid affordable is extremely important.

There are already companies that make hearing aids very cheap to acquire. Something to keep in mind In his book, Blake Mycoskie also gives a few examples of businesses that have incorporated philanthropy into their business model — but not in a one for one model.Love your work, work for what you love, and change the world—all at the same time.

What matters most to you? Should you focus on earning a living, pursuing your passions, or devoting yourself to the causes that inspire you? The surprising truth is that you don't have to choose—and that y. In , Mycoskie published his book Start Something that Matters in which he presents a lot of gushy do-goodism but also presents an energetic and convincing story.

In , the company also launched its Toms Eyewear line and adopted a program called “One for One,” in which “with every pair you purchase, Toms will give sight to a person. My next post is a review of Blake Mycoskie’s book Start Something That Matters.

As part of the review, I will be giving away 2 copies. As part of the review, I will be giving away 2 copies. It tells the story of TOMS shoes and inspires us all to purse something that matters. Year In Review. View this article. Blake Mycoskie: Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur. By Notable Life.

By Notable Life | May 16, A few years back I wrote a book called Start Something That Matters. My biggest piece of advice is to look for something you’re passionate about.

It could be starting your own company or. TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie's secrets for success Rachelle Unreich. Jan 19 SHARE; Start Something That Matters, Mycoskie is also part of Richard Branson's The B Team The cream of the leadership crop nominate the books that inspire them.

Contains: This article contains a photo gallery; Advertisement. Follow us. And you’ll find him repeating it several times in his book, Start Something That Matters.

If there’s anyone who can make a case for seizing the day, it’s Mycoskie.

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