Aqa english coursework mark scheme 2009

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Aqa english coursework mark scheme 2009

Aqa english coursework mark scheme 2009

Ive been having problems starting the actual thing, my teacher brings up more questions and not answers, so I thought Id come to a better source of help anyway, ive got my four pieces of data. I think, that the question is good enough, but im not totally convinced.

My question will largely focus on the influence of gender on the way Ross conducts his interview, how his language changes as a result, and topic of conversation. To try and keep the social variation between guests restricted, all four are of the same occupation, are from the same ethnic background and are all of similar status.

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With gender being a large and important aspect of social and language variation, my findings will provide opportunities to compare with other gender theorists ideas, and make my own conclusion on the impact of gender on English Language.

With my data being from interviews, I will be looking at the semantic and lexical differences that Ross uses when speaking to his guests, the interactive features, and speech used. To complete my analysis, I have constructed three aims that will combine to answer my initial question: To discover how Jonathon Ross alters his language style and interviewing techniques to compliment the gender of the guest.

To compare my analysis with that of other theorists. Will the interaction of Ross and his guests fit the stereotypes of some theories or challenge that of others. I will mainly be looking at the work of two gender theorists, Deborah Cameron and Robin Lackoff, whose work have different viewpoints.

Do other social variables of the guest affect the way the interview is carried out, and how do these affect the outcome of the interaction. I know doing coursework is like playing a game, just gettin the marks, and i know the answer to the question will be yes, but anyway wat do u guys think!A complete lesson or two including interactive starter, specific questions for analysis, quizzes with answers and an AFL plenary which clearly shows progress.

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Aqa english coursework mark scheme 2009
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