Books on strategic business planning

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Books on strategic business planning

Strategic Thinking is a more comprehensive planning model that covers innovation, strategic planning and operational planning. Too many organizations try to be everything to everyone, wasting resources in markets that may never provide a worthwhile return on investment.

5 Essential Books for Strategic Thinkers | Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Thinking? Strategic Thinking is a planning process that applies innovationstrategic planning and operational planning to develop business strategies that have a greater chance for success. More and more organizations are learning that past experience is not always the best basis for developing future strategies.

Executives need to thoughtfully consider how to create value for customers. It is a process of examining everything we do in our various roles, understanding the needs of our customers and ensuring that all of this is linked to clearly defined strategic imperatives.

If we compare strategic thinking with strategic planning and operational planning we see that: Operational Planning — is the specific details of the how and when.

Why is Strategic Thinking Important? The purpose of Strategic Thinking is to create a strategy that is a coherent, unifying, integrative framework for decisions especially about direction of the business and resource utilization.

To do it, Strategic Thinking uses internal and external data, qualitative synthesis of opinions and perceptions. It is conscious, explicit, and proactive and defines competitive domain for corporate strategic advantage.

books on strategic business planning

Strategy is a key outcome of a relevant strategic thinking process. The process begins with Innovation. We try to create the ideal future and consider the plans needed to achieve them and to see them through. Innovation helps us to move outside our comfort zone into the possibilities of exceeding customer and organizational requirements and expectations.

Innovations are then articulated into a series of strategies. This is a part of the entire Strategic Planning process. However, in Strategic Thinking, we incorporate the needs of our customers, the organization and our staff in the process.

We incorporate Benchmarking to ensure that industry best practices are included in our vision of the future. Employee Involvement at each stage of the Strategic Thinking process is key to ensuring that they stay involved in the execution of the Operational plans.In today's complex business world, strategic planning is indispensable to achieving superior management.

George A. Steiner's classic work, known as the bible of business planning, provides practical advice for organizing the planning system, acquiring and using information, and translating strategic plans into decisive action.

What are some good books for strategic planning? Update Cancel. ad by The ExecRanks. Business Model Generation, by Alex Osterwalder: Oswerwalder tackles the tricky problem of how to ensure your strategy gets delivered in a functioning and fit for purpose organisation.

Business Model Generation is a practical text which is elegant . Overview. This workbook is based on my full-day strategic planning workshop. It's designed to take the small business owner through the strategic planning process and provide them with financial, staff, marketing and project goals for the coming year.

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Strategic Planning Academic Director of Edinburgh Business School, The Graduate School of Business, Heriot-Watt University, Alex Scott is an economist and has published over thirty research papers into efficiency in.

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Study the SWOT analysis, strategic management or strategic.

Strategic Planning: Excellence in Strategic Management Teams