British airways essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Strategic Plan Essay Sample I. Introduction British Airways plc provides air services operations both at international and domestic level.

British airways essay

Purpose of this report is to identify the business strategies of the UK's leading airways which is British airway. A British airway is the leading in operational research compared of all other airlines. In the last decade competition is increasing a lot and it divides market share which is highly affective for British airways.

In the analysis all about the external and internal strategies of BA has included. Some recommendations for BA has included as well. Which field should get focused by BA to overcome all the competitive effects is also one of them research. About the level of client satisfaction and required improvement to divert more customers towards their airline is discussed.

A British airway is known as the Britain's most powerful, leading and the most significant airline. BA is dealing with both domestic and international flights. They deal in carries goods and mails as well. According to the current figures in British airways has flights to more than destinations and completed more than 30 million of passengers and after all they earned more than 8.

Regarding employees BA employed around people that is why this is the biggest company of Britain. Now BA has their own terminal to create as terminal 5 at Heathrow which is the world's biggest airport. According to the future strategies of BA it is quite clear that this airline can be the world's most responsible airline.

According to the scenario of current strategies BA is applying and going to use lots of customer's friendly strategies. These strategies are going to benefit this airline nearly the same as BA applied the facility of keeping customers updates about flight through texts on mobiles but this facility is only for the business enterprise class passengers.

This mobile facility make convenient for the customers to reach in line with the flight timing and delays if that flight 've got any delays. But the only drawback is this facility is not for the economy passengers and economy passengers are four time in number atlanta divorce attorneys flight.

This facility is not beneficial for all the passengers. Secondly BA followed the technique to modify the aircrafts and make sure they are more comfortable and much more beautiful.

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By this modernisation customers are attracting more towards this airway just because of more comfortableness. They started offering more services inside the flights so that customers like it a lot. Thirdly managing cost of tickets is the most effective strategy because cost is the primary element in front of customers to choose the airline because lots of men and women can't afford such an expensive airline to visit.

That is why managing prices or lowering down cost is the very best factor for the customers and for the airline as well. Lots of individuals don't look at the good facilities they only want the cheap tickets so that in low prises they can simply afford to buy a ticket.

Fourthly BA tried to increase more responsibilities towards the corporate world and getting more success in market by doing some different things like the good performance of environment and by doing partnership with other big corporate giants.

Currently followed Strategies:

They are different perspective to improve the business by thinking other than the customer's benefits. By doing partnership BA can be bigger and is capable of doing much better on the market.

According to the currently discussed strategies BA can do more business and they will offer more beneficial facilities for the passengers. For the success in virtually any field external analysis of the environment is also required. Thus analysis highlighted the precise position in the complete industry in the external world.

British airways essay

According to the external analysis BA can analyse the competitors and can analysis the exact capabilities to fulfil the upcoming challenges in future. Analysis of political field is required to analyse to be familiar with all the regulations. Regarding airline lots of political problems is there like terrorism and smuggling.

So the airlines should aware and have tight security to avoid and make everything safer. In case the security measures are sufficient than customers get ensured that they are safe during journey. Terrorist threats are the most scary thing for each airline so BA always utilize most protective functions to avoid any kind of terrorist activity.

Economic analysis is the very important to do time to time because as per the prior year records economical situation of UK is of low quality. Mainly when the pace of pounds started heading down that affected the economy a lot and it's like financial crises for the united states and different companies as well.Changing the Culture at British Airways The British Airways case study was a very interesting case to read.

It proves that not all people can be leaders, especially the chairman, board and chief executives of British European Airways (BEA) and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC.) According. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on British Airways at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with high-quality custom papers written by qualified Ph.D.

and Master’s academic writers. Any topics. Introduction British Airways is the one of the largest airline companies, and the passengers carry overall in the fifth largest in the world. Most of plans are stay in Heathrow Airport which is the highest of main international airport.

Running head: BRITISH AIRWAYS British Airways Teresa C. Johnson MGT System Approach to Organizational Change July 17, Mid-Continent University British Airways From the perspective of organizational development, there should be a planned effort to .

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Introduction. British Airways plc provides air services operations both at international and domestic level. In , UK government merged British Airways and Imperial Airways to form British Overseas Airways, which became a state owned company.

BOAC’s main operation was long haul services and British European Airways was established to serve continental European and domestic market.

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