Challenges in namibian education

Generational differences in workplace motivation. Abstract Despite increasing age diversity in the workforce, organisations still know relatively little about how potentially diverging motivational needs of the various generations might influence motivational strategies and organisational performance. To explore the relationship between multigenerational workforces and employee motivation within a South African workplace setting from a self-determination theory perspective.

Challenges in namibian education

Ms Canner Kalimba Position: Director of Adult Basic Education Fax: According to the Constitution and the national education policy, Government is responsible for providing basic education to all residents, including adults.

It would build upon a long tradition of literacy and adult education, dating back to the early activities of the missionaries, and continuing programmes of the churches, NGOs, and SWAPO during the liberation struggle.

The programme continues to expand, and in there are some 46, learners.

Challenges in namibian education

This means that at leastpeople lack basic literacy and numeracy skills. This poses serious constraints on their active participation in the social and economic development of Namibia.

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Mission Statement The Directorate of Adult Basic Education DABE is dedicated to provision of literacy and numeracy skills to disadvantaged adults and out-of-school youth to enable them to contribute more effectively to national development.

While the NLPN is a well-developed activity, the others are in their formative stages. Aims and Objectives The goal is for Namibia to become a fully literate nation. The ultimate qualitative goal of the literacy programme and all Adult Basic Education is to improve the quality of life for all Namibians who in the past were discriminated against and marginalized.

The overall programme objectives are therefore to promote social, cultural, political, and economic development. To this end, the NLPN: How the Basic Education Directorate operates The Adult Basic Education Programme fulfils its functions through its five professional subdivisions and a general services subdivision.

The latter handles general administrative and support functions, without which the professional divisions would not operate. Material Development is responsible for development of all learning and teaching materials in mother tongues and in English. Training of Trainers is responsible for organizing training programmes for the Directorate staff members both in pre-service and in-service situations.

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Research, Planning and Programme Development, through research and other means, identifies new programmes, and suggests new directions to the Directorate. This enables the Directorate to respond quickly to the needs of adult learners. Monitoring and Evaluation is responsible for monitoring the programme through collecting and analysing statistics gathered through monitoring instruments designed by the Directorate.

It also organizes programme evaluation as well as yearly evaluation and assessment of learning achievements. Adult Skills Development for Self-Employment is responsible for all the activities of the new pilot project on employment creation.

It cooperates very closely with all other divisions of the Directorate. Adult Basic Education Programme The programme is divided into three stages, each stage lasting about one year. Numeracy skills are taught throughout the three stages. A learner may repeat a stage only once.

Stage One This is open to those at the very beginning, and materials are designed to introduce learners to the basic syllables of their own mother tongue. Learning how to write properly is an important activity of this stage.An amount that has to be paid or given up in order to get something..

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The Namibian Education System: Who Is Failing The Nation? Academic advise should be constantly provided to boost the morale of teachers, especially those faced with challenges in their teaching. Education in Namibia is compulsory for 10 years between the ages of 6 and In the Namibian education system accommodated approximately , learners of which , were senior secondary students and below 10, were pre-primary pupils.

Nord Anglia Education is a global family of 56 schools, providing outstanding education from preschool through to the end of secondary education.

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