Forensic accountants fraud busters

Ten of them, to be exact.

Forensic accountants fraud busters

Ten of them, to be exact. In the rare occasion that there are more of their number in existence, those characters never last. They simply show up and then disappear, with a few cameo appearances in the future, but still not enough for it to break our Fridge Logic.

A result of having an Economy Cast. May be a result of the characters being Always on Duty. Also compare Club Stub. Two-Teacher School is a special case for school-based stories where the adult staff is severely limited to keep the focus on the students.

This gets subverted in the movies and some more dramatic episodes, when Team Rocket show themselves to actually be the large, well-equipped criminal organization that Jessie and James are ruining the reputation of.

Wild Mass Guessing goes that the main reason they keep the trio around is to provide Obfuscating Stupidity.


Later seasons of the show have them become more competent, at one point working directly under Giovanni. At that point, however, Team Rocket literally became a 4 person organization, with Giovanni, his assistant, and Jessie and James being the only humans on the payroll.

However, the boss cut off communications after a time, suggesting he either gave up or fired them. Excel Saga may count as a parody. In the manga, there may not be a higher power, but the organization is larger.

They have a third "enforcer" type, Elgala. Excel suspects there are others working for ACROSS behind the scenes, for example, to gather the various creatures in the pit. This was not always the case. Though small, Hellsing employed over a hundred people, all of whom were killed in about a single chapter of the manga and one episode episode II of the OVA by the Valentine brothers.

The French "Wild Geese" mercenaries were hired specifically to replace the losses from that attack. Not that they actually need more than one combatant if the one is Alucard.

Forensic accountants fraud busters

Code Geass subverts this. From the beginning, the group that turns into the Black Knights is shown as a small terrorist cell.

They end up as the official military force of most of the world. Their opposite numbers are rather better staffed, but most of their evil plans still appear to rely on a Quirky Miniboss Squad with a nasty case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Naruto has the Akatsuki, a sinister organization of Black Cloaks with only 10 members actually 9, since Orochimaru absconded with their membership ring.

Forensic accountants fraud busters

They seem to find replacements for lost members pretty quickly, but they never send out minions to do things, instead sending out two of their number to accomplish any task.

Made worse by the fact that many of their members are constantly having arguments and trying to kill each other. Sasori actually had several agents working under him, including Kabuto and the two men who were turned into duplicates of Kisame and ItachiPain had a small country at his disposal, and Kakuzu had numerous ties to collect the money for the organization.

Orochimaru also might have already established the Hidden Sound Village before he quit. So while they have a limited number of full members, they certainly are able to have their own henchmen, widening their potential scope considerably.

There are two examples in Death Note ; both are probably justified. The original organization had quite a lot more members, but they were afraid for their lives, what with the whole Kira thing, and L did not want to reveal his face to a large group of people.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

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Forensic Accountants are also commonly known as “fraud busters.” They investigate below the surface of an organization’s accounting system to find out . Depending on the Writer (and continuity), The Avengers.; Fantastic's all in the name: four. And despite the fact that there have been members other than the original Four over the years, they never last long, and the original roster always returns.

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Forensic Accountants: Fraud Busters