Hong kong international airport

It is colloquially known as Chek Lap Kok Airport, being built on the island of Chek Lap Kok by land reclamation, and also to distinguish it from its predecessor, the closed Kai Tak Airport. The airport opened for commercial operations inreplacing Kai Tak, and is an important regional trans-shipment centre, passenger hub and gateway for destinations in Mainland China with over 40 destinations and the rest of Asia. HKIA also operates one of the world's largest passenger terminal buildings the largest when opened in and operates 24 hours a day. It is a focus city for many airlines, including China Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, which serves 18 flights to Hong Kong per day one direction from 15 cities.

Hong kong international airport

Located in the densely built-up Kowloon City District with a single runway extending into Kowloon BayKai Tak had only limited room for expansion to cope with steadily increasing air traffic.

Hong kong international airport

By the s, Kai Tak had become one of the world's busiest airports — it far exceeded its annual passenger and cargo design capacities, and one out of every three flights experienced delays, largely due to lack of space for aircraft, gates, and a second runway.

Away from the congested city centre, flight paths would be routed over the South China Sea rather than populous urban areas, enabling efficient round-the-clock operation of multiple runways.

The Chek Lap Kok CLK airport master plan and civil engineering studies were completed towards the end of and respectively. In Februaryhowever, the government shelved the project for financial and economic reasons. This study looked at forecasts for both airport and port traffic to the year and came up with three recommended strategies for overall strategic development in Hong Kong.

One of the three assumed maintaining the existing airport at Kai Tak; a second assumed a possible airport Hong kong international airport the Western Harbour between Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island, and the third assumed a new airport at Chek Lap Kok.

The consultants produced detailed analyses for each scenario, enabling Government to consider these appraisals for each of the three "Recommended Strategies". In October the Governor of Hong Kong announced to the Legislative Council that a decision had been made on the long-term port and airport development strategy for the territory.

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The strategy to be adopted was that which included a replacement airport at Chek Lap Kok and incorporating new container terminals 8 and 9 at Stonecutters Island and east of the island of Tsing Yi respectively. Construction of the new airport began in The airport itself was opened in July The construction period was very rushed; specialists considered that only a 10—year period was sufficient for this massive project.

Shortly after the then-British colonial government of Hong Kong announced plans to construct the new airport, the Chinese government in Beijing began voicing objections to various aspects of the massive project, which prompted financial institutions to delay extending project finance.

Without access to this financing, many of the companies who had secured contracts to build various portions of the project halted construction, resulting in delays that pushed the actual opening of the airport, originally planned to take place before the transition in sovereignty until one year after.

As agreements were reached with the government in China, Beijing removed most of its objections and work then continued, albeit behind schedule.

The project is the most expensive airport project ever, according to Guinness World Records. Construction of the new airport was voted as one of the Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century at the ConExpo conference in Mott Connell were the designers for foundations, all other structural components and the mechanical and electrical work.

The sides of the terminals, predominantly glass, were designed to break during high speed winds, relieving pressure and allowing the terminal to withstand an intense typhoon.

Hours later, Air Force Onecarrying United States President Bill Clintonlanded at the new airport and became the first foreign visitor to arrive at the new airport.

Hong Kong International Airport

On that day at The flight information display system FIDS had suddenly shut down which caused long delays. Shortly afterwards, the cargo-communication link with Kai Tak, where all the necessary data was stored some still stored there thenwent down.

During the same period of time, someone had accidentally deleted an important database for cargo services. This meant that cargo had to be manually stored.Jan 10,  · Inside Hong Kong: Hong Kong International Airport - Before you visit Hong Kong, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers.

Art, Culture and Music at the Airport Experience a series of exhibitions and live performances at HKIA. Live flight Departures, flight status information for Hong Kong International Airport (HKG).

Hong kong international airport

As SkyPier is a restricted area within the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) the SkyPier ferry service is for transit passengers only.

It is not applicable to passengers originating in Hong Kong or officially considered to have entered Hong Kong for immigration purposes. Live flight Arrivals, flight status information for Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Apr 07,  · Visiting Macau as a side trip to Hong Kong tour has been made convenient by the direct ferry from Macau to SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

If one passenger is flying via one of the participating airlines, then this privilege should be taken advantage of.

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