How to write a villanelle

Et militavi non sine glori" Today we have naming of parts. Yesterday, We had daily cleaning. And tomorrow morning, We shall have what to do after firing. But today, Today we have naming of parts.

How to write a villanelle

Today, though, the skies are supposed to clear early this morning, and the weather folks tell us we have a week of sunshine ahead, temperatures all the way up to 21 Celsius, the kind of fall weather we all love.

And last Thursday when I packed my paints, palette, and paper to hang out with fellow creative dabblers, there were a few showers, but the temperature was comfortable enough to wear my favourite linen dress. Still, it was too cool for bare legs.

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As for the shoes. My new pink Oxfords would have been perfect with this combo, no? So why did I choose, instead, to wear those silver Fluevog loafers which this pos t -- coincidentally also on transitional fall dressing -- testifies are at least six years old?

Whose metallic surface is now How to write a villanelle a scuff or two beyond "fashionably distressed"? Whose rubber soles, with their dance-step graphic and the words "let the dance begin" are probably on their last hundred kilometres?

I blame the "Francine factor". Raven-haired, vivacious, her striking figure attracted attention in the office, one of those vast open landscapes carved up with those portable dividers still modern and appealing, perhaps even sexy, in mids Vancouver, in those golds and oranges that quickly became ubiquitous.

There was a boyfriend who worked at the heritage CN hotel in town. She already had the beige trenchcoat, and her French accent transformed a plain white shirt with a black pencil skirt and simple cardigan.

Somehow, her pieces and the way she combined them always looked fresh and confident, despite there rarely being a single standout garment. Marion was bright and funny but prone to depression which she tried to stave off by shopping.

Far below us, an underground mall was gradually extending its reach in a retail configuration that was only a few years old, still relatively new--and exciting--to Vancouver. Our lunch hours -- sometimes even our coffee breaks -- often included a quick foray past the tempting windows.

The new purchase would be in rotation for the next few weeks, but we could see it losing its shine, and by the end of a month, it would be replaced by a new favourite.

She and her husband, she confided ro me once, had racked up a six-thousand dollar debt on a combined income of perhaps 30K. Francine shopped as well, no question, but she did so much more deliberately.

She had a very realistic sense of her budget, as a single woman on a modest salary, but she also knew the price of quality and was willing to save, in order to pay it -- or to wait for a sale!

Make your own Villanelle : Poetry through the Ages

But even Francine experienced the occasional coup de foudre. Plaid, in a fine wool, and then she might giggle a bit describing how well it showed off her, well, her ass-ets. In my imagination, she cocked her head in the direction of my old silver loafers, which I still love, and I conceded.

Have you been a Marion or a Francine in your shopping habits? Or have you known a Marion or Francine? Or known another type of shopper, either a cautionary example or an inspiring one? And does the simple act of getting dressed ever make connections across the decades for you?

Who or what does that mirror sometimes reflect from the past? I probably should, as this week already has the potential to get away from me.Crafting a villanelle presents us with a couple challenges. The first, and most important, is to choose a meter and create your refrains. For this, you must use your own poetic judgment and creativity.

A villanelle is five groups of three lines, and then concludes with four lines, making 19 lines in all (not including the line breaks in between stanza groups). Think of a memory, image or something that really stirred your emotions.

Four grown kids, six delightful grandchildren, constant, long-time partner. A retired academic, I'm adapting to life in a Vancouver condo after decades in a waterfront home on a very small (Canadian) West Coast island.

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How to write a villanelle

Oh’s Eve is a bored, whip-smart, pay-grade security services operative whose desk-bound job doesn’t fulfill her fantasies of being a spy.

But she soon comes up against Villanelle. How to Write a Villanelle (with Examples) The Society. October 19, For Educators, Poetry, Poetry Forms. 10 Comments. By Dusty Grein. Hailing from 15th and 16th century French and Italian roots, the villanelle is arguably one of the strongest repeating refrain forms in classical poetry.

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