Investing in tufs and technology roadmap essay

So it is best to find the aid of others.

Investing in tufs and technology roadmap essay

Lester A variety of timely forces are inspiring a renewed push for nuclear energy.

Why innovation matters

Here is a proposed roadmap for innovation over the next few decades. The future role of nuclear energy is attracting new attention. But if nuclear energy is indeed to play such a role, the United States seems unlikely to be much of a factor at this point. Once the undisputed global leader, the U.

Five operating reactors have recently closed, and several more will be retired in the next few years. As the rest of the nuclear fleet ages, many more reactors seem likely to be shuttered over the next couple of decades.

The outlook for new reactors is also grim. Four reactors are under construction in the Southeast, and a fifth is being completed after a long delay.

Technology Roadmap Tpl Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

There are no firm plans to build more. Without a more serious federal policy this may be a vain hope, and it is certainly a strategic weakness.

And yet, mostly below the radar, a new wave of nuclear energy innovation is building. More than 30 advanced reactor development projects have been launched since the s.

Most of this activity has been funded privately. But public funding and risk-sharing will also be needed if new nuclear technologies are to be brought to market successfully. Today, though, the federal government has no strategy for nuclear innovation, and there is resistance to developing one on both sides of the political aisle.

Some influential Democratic lawmakers believe that a combination of renewables and increased energy efficiency will be sufficient to achieve global emission reduction goals. Some also fear that the safety and security risks of an increased nuclear commitment would more than offset the climate benefits it would bring.

Among Republicans, many assign far greater importance to reducing government spending than to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Against this picture, I envision a new roadmap for nuclear innovation in the United States. This roadmap identifies three successive waves of advances: New work on all three waves will need to begin immediately.

The roadmap also calls for significant reform of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRCa new and unfamiliar role for the national laboratories, and a supporting, rather than directive, role for federal nuclear managers in the Department of Energy, including support for international collaborations in which U.

This nuclear agenda is ambitious, but attainable. It draws on the deep strengths of the U. But implementing this innovation agenda will require a new political coalition capable of neutralizing the longstanding opposition of people for whom the biggest dragons to be slain are nuclear energy or the federal government itself.

A failure to act will undermine U. It will also compromise important national security objectives. Uncertain outlook for innovation The most visible of the new wave of nuclear innovators is TerraPower, an 8-year-old company co-founded by Bill Gates. A similar combination of old ideas and forefront science and engineering also characterizes several new ventures in the field of molten-salt-cooled reactors where TerraPower is also active.

The industry that supplies and operates light-water reactors LWRsthe dominant nuclear reactor technology around the world, has been slower to adopt new technology.

But even here, there are important innovations. NuScale, an early-stage U. Fluor, a major engineering and construction company with decades of experience in nuclear power, is the majority investor in NuScale.

Other developers are pursuing different systems, using different kinds of nuclear fuel and coolant. NuScale was spun out of Oregon State University.

And at my own department of nuclear science and engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITone group of faculty and students is developing a new concept for a floating nuclear plant, a second has co-invented and is advancing a new kind of molten-salt-cooled reactor, a third has proposed a new fusion reactor design that it believes has promise of early commercialization, and two new reactor development companies have recently been formed by graduate students.

It is premature at this stage to attempt to identify a winner among all these innovations, or even whether there will be one.It is chosen by Northern to change its present process for implementing new technology Discussion This presentation is to explain shortly on the TUFF case study overview and working problems with TUFF.

Investing in TUFS and technology roadmap | Essay Example

Investing in TUFS is not a bad idea but there is no follow up with the development team is the wrong work done by the company authority.

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Only at". smart grids and hybrid and electric vehicle technology, are of paramount importance to ensure their cost-effective and large-scale penetration later on.

Investing in tufs and technology roadmap essay

Full implementation of the Strategic Energy Technology plan, requiring an additional investment in R&D and demonstration of € 50 billion over the next 10 years, is indispensable. Mar 07,  · Technology Fund Scheme (RRTUFS).

Its objective is to upgrade technology in the textiles industry with one-time capital subsidy for eligible machinery. The amended scheme would give a boost to Make in India in the textiles sector; it is expected to attract investment to the tune of one lakh crore rupees and create over 30 lakh jobs.

Investing in TUFS Jing Wang Major Issues: The TUFS system doesn’t work like what it should be. TUFS should work as a new underwriting procedure and an assessment report to help the company to increase the efficiency of the company. In addition, its e-business function can help company solve their online business problems easily.

Technology Roadmap Tpl - Essay Example Scope could define model embers and versions; boundaries of the system, especially where there are interfaces with related systems; boundaries in relation to the system’s environment; or boundaries of content in relation to other system development documents.

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