Launch kwrite as root

Usage is optimized for shortcuts. It may take some time to get used to it. Access to some programs may afford configuring or using command prompt and exact program name.

Launch kwrite as root

Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Description William Kenney Intel Core iK Sandy Bridge 3. Open a user terminal, type kwrite, and it launches just fine. All the other applications launch just fine from their KDE desktop icons. More re testing on my part.

William Kenney Once you get to the desktop Kwrite launches from the desktop icon no problem. I then installed the Nvidia driver. The Kwrite icon on the KDE desktop no longer works but Kwrite does in fact launch normally from a terminal: All the other icons seem to work just fine.

Opens fine from Konsole but not from menu. Comment 4 Florian Bauer Comment 6 Mike Crecelius I am unable to launch kwrite with the icon. There is a kwrite bouncing icon next to the mouse pointer that goes away after about 15 seconds.

I can launch kwrite on the command line. If I set it to nouveau I can then use the icon to launch kwrite. If I set it back to the Nvidia driver I can no longer launch kwrite with the icon. Please share with me how you do that. Thanks Comment 8 Mike Crecelius Removing existing entry from queue. Recent app added "kde4-kwrite.

Also they use same driver: Only graphic difference i know is the R61 have higher resolution screen. Another problem on that R61 is that KDE apps fail printing, but i.

launch kwrite as root

The R61 also feel slow X11 crashes in a virtualbox guest with cauldron 4 installed https: Also the return from suspend is OK so far - it was a bit buggy before but not consistently.Installation of Apache OpenMeetings on PCLinuxOS pclinuxosMATEiso This tutorial is made based on fresh installations of.

Oct 24,  · hi, i have change the bashrc script in the root directory and guest but no way, do not run, pcmanfm work with warning,i have used lilo because the file system of sd was xfs.

Some KDE applications require dbus-launch in front of the application: dbus-launch An example of running an X11 app via suxterm is to use a text editor to edit a root file like kwrite or kate, to do partitioning with gparted or an Xapp file manager like konqueror.

A manufacturer designing a product now for launch in /19 will be penciling in something much more recent, like the future release, to ensure that they don't . screenshot script Currently in most KDE distros the Print Screen key is assigned to the Ksnapshot program, but you can re-assign it to another program.

launch kwrite as root

The command to make a screenshot of the full screen is: "import -window root". To launch the Terminal, go to menu APPLICATIONS > ACCESSORIES > TERMINAL. sudo gedit /etc/apt/ This command tells the text editor, gedit, to open the file as root using sudo (aka the Administrator, Super User).

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