Motivational factors of themed park an

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Motivational factors of themed park an

The site was originally a local brewery that has been regenerated into a vibrant mixed-use development of apartments, shops, offices and a spa hotel. Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution Google is in the process of rapid expansion in Zurich where the headcount has doubled in the last 12 months.

The challenge for the architects was therefore to set up a tailor-made design and construction process, which would meet the tight time and budget constraints whilst endorsing a very broad participatory design methodology.

Based on their method statements, Camenzind Evolution was selected in a competitive tender-interview process to become the lead architect and project manager for the interior design Motivational factors of themed park an fit-out of the new Google Engineering Hub.

Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution Google celebrates individuality, creativity and innovative business practice within a high-energy environment and emphasises the importance of the individual and maintaining a small-company ambience throughout company growth.

Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution A key element in the design approach was that the Googlers in Zurich fondly referred to as Zooglers should participate in the design process to create their own local identity.

Under the guidance of the Director of International Real Estate at Google in Mountain View, an interactive and transparent approach to the architectural process was implemented from the beginning.

A diverse team of local Zooglers were formed as the steering committee to represent the entire office. This committee reviewed, challenged and approved the design throughout the project. This unique method of engagement provided open collaboration, unique perspectives and ideas, and supplied a direct sense of ownership throughout the Zurich office.

To this end Camenzind Evolution was neither given a specific brief nor a corporate identity manual and was explicitly asked not to research the organisation and design of other Google offices.

Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution The architects began with a rapid process of research and analysis to map out the opportunities and challenges posed by the building as well as the emotional and practical requirements of the Zooglers.

The latter was achieved by conducting a survey of all the Zooglers, complemented by a series of workshops and interviews. This research, guided by a psychologist, extended beyond purely functional aspects, and provided information about the Zooglers personality types, representational systems, values and motivational factors.

Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution Although the details of the survey outcomes remain confidential, the process revealed that the optimal working environment for Zooglers needed to be diverse and at the same time harmonious whilst making it a fun and an enjoyable place to work in.

Motivational factors of themed park an

The survey also showed that while personal workspace needed to be functional and more neutral, communal areas had to offer strong visual and more aesthetically enjoyable and entertaining qualities to stimulate creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution Based on the survey, concept options were developed and presented. The Zooglers decided early on that they preferred to reduce their personal net area of workspace in order to gain more communal and meeting areas.

The working areas were therefore designed with a high degree of space efficiency. Additionally, they had to be able to accommodate frequent staff rotation and growth. On average a Googler moves twice a year within the building, consequently the office layout was designed for maximum adaptability so that all groups and departments can use any part of the office space.

The office areas are organised along a central core and are a mixture of open-plan workspaces for people and enclosed offices for people.

Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution All office enclosures are constructed using a glass partition system, which maintains transparency and optimises daylight while reducing noise and achieving the required degree of privacy for working teams.

Each office floor is colour-coded and themed for easy orientation, for example on the blue floor large photographs and graphics on the themes of water and snow enhance the colour concept and make it an integral part of the interior design. Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution The Zoogler engineers tackle some of the most interesting challenges in computing today.

As many of the teams in Zurich work together with Google teams all over the world, meeting rooms fitted with video-conferencing equipment are very important.

Consequently there are a large number of small to medium-size meeting rooms situated throughout the office space. Apart from the standard meeting rooms, there are also many informal meeting areas, which have a more relaxed atmosphere for teams to have creative discussion around white-boards.

Some of them also incorporate the theme of the floor, like the Igloo Satellite Cabins with penguins and the original ski-gondolas in a snow-scape on the blue floor. Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution The concept of the communal areas relates directly to the project research conclusions and wider research that indicates relaxation to be crucial to innovation and stimulating original thought.

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Based on this concept Camenzind Evolution developed themed communal areas associated with sport and leisure, for example, an aquarium water lounge for relaxation and a games room to play billiards, table football and interactive video games.

There is also an antique- themed library and a massage spa to soothe any tight shoulder muscles. Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution The diversity of the communal areas provides a great choice of distinctive emotional and visual experiences and activities. These ensure that there is a suitably relaxing or inspiring environment for the individual needs of the more than 50 nationalities represented in the Zurich office.

The communal areas are intentionally dispersed throughout the building to encourage Zooglers to circulate throughout the seven floors to enhance communication between the different working groups and teams. In this way the building has evolved into a Google city with easy reference points for Zooglers and visitors to navigate the building.

And for the really hungry Zooglers, a steep and fast slide spirals down from the offices on the first floor directly into the centre of the Milliways cafeteria on the ground floor. Courtesy of Camenzind Evolution Food is very important to Google and the Zurich office is no exception.

The Milliways cafeteria serves free breakfast, lunch and dinner and the chefs use only fresh, high quality ingredients and local produce to make healthy delicious food. To balance the good food, a staffed gym offers yoga, Pilates and fitness classes and encourages the Zooglers to keep fit and healthy.

Courtesy of Camezind Evolution There are also a large number of technical talks at Google. For these talks and many other events, conference facilities for up to people have been designed on the ground floor.Benefits of Membership: The Activation and Amplification of Group Identities in Response to Social Rejection activation and amplification of group identities and memberships following rejection.

Results demonstrate situational and motivational factors that predict the activation of specific social identities or group member-.

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This study attempted to determine the dimensions that influence theme park visitors’ perceived service quality, satisfaction and behavioral intentions. Title: Motivation of Young Temporary Employees- An analysis of two amusement parks Purpose: important for the motivational work of young employees and to emphasize management to be more by factors as co-worker relations, leadership behavior and company policies as well as the factors.

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