Public school versus home school

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Public school versus home school

Buy Now One of the toughest decisions that you're going to face as a parent is that you're going to have to decide where to send your kids to school. For some parents the choice is easy because the options are limited by funds and availability of a parent's time.

Those kids just have to go to the local public schoolno doubt about it. However, most parents at least consider alternative options like private school and homeschooling.

And even parents looking at public schools often have options such as charter schools and magnet schools. It's a tough call because there are pros and cons to each option. Here's a closer look at what the benefits and drawbacks are of different types of schooling for children: Public School Pros and Cons The public school is the most obvious first choice for many families but it's also one that can cause them a lot of concerns.

Commonly cited benefits of the public school choice include: Proximity to home, availability of school bus transportation and other facts about public school make this an easy one on a daily basis. It's free so you don't have to think about pay for your kid's education.

Kids will basically fit in with society after going through standard schooling. Kids will get to meet all kinds of different people and will learn tolerance eventually for everyone. Commonly cited drawbacks of the public school choice include: Low quality of education.

Homeschooling Vs. Public School

Many people feel that public schools gear education to the lowest common denominator in the school which means that smart kids lose out. Kids may argue with peers or pick up bad habits in public schools where diversity is common.

The public school has a curriculum that doesn't really allow for individuality or input from the parent. Your kid will learn what the school says he will learn.

College Life

Private School Pros and Cons The private school choice diminishes some of the problems associated with the traditional public school but will bring up its own issues. Commonly cited benefits of the private school choice include: Higher quality of education. These classes are generally geared towards college-bound kids.

Private schools look good on resumes and open doors. Kids from private school tend to stick together into adulthood and may help each other out with careers in the future.

They may also not have the diversity of curriculum available at a public school, thanks to the large sums of taxpayer dollars that go into developing the public curriculum. Another thing to consider with private schools is that in many cases, the schools are › Parenting. One main arguments between public school and home school is the social development of the student, according to a California study by researcher Dr. Brian Ray 92% of superintendents believe that home learners are emotionally unstable, deprived of proper social development and too judgmental of Parents of school-aged children should study the differences between public school and home school to determine the best choice for their child. Academic Environment Students in public school are exposed and subjected to a particular academic environment of which they -- and their parents --

This close community extends to parents and teachers and creates a situation in which there are a lot of people looking out for your kid.

Some parents prefer that their kids "stick to their own" so to speak. It's not going to be free to go here and you'll have to invest money in different activities throughout the year.

Public school versus home school

Parents are typically expected to be involved in volunteer efforts with the school which can take time. The lack of diversity that is often encountered in public schools is a drawback when kids have to deal with a more diverse world. Homeschooling Pros and Cons Many parents find that they can avoid all of the problems of public and private school with homeschooling but it isn't perfect either.

Public Schools vs. Home School

Commonly cited benefits of homeschooling include: Control over what your child learns. You design the curriculum and it can be focused on the specific educational needs and level of your child.

Keeps the family closer. You do more together and this means that you've got a bond that isn't as easy to achieve when your child is away at school all day.

You can set a school schedule that suits your family, travel together when it's best for all of you and otherwise enjoy more flexibility in life together, Commonly cited drawbacks of homeschooling include: You'll need to be your child's full-time teacher in addition to being a parent.

It's not easy to teach a kid everything that he or she needs to know. The child and the rest of the family may feel isolated from a larger social group. Homeschooled kids can go to college but it's not as easy as when you've got standard transcripts from a more traditional school.

Problems separating school and home. In terms of both time and discipline in the home, boundaries get blurred.Sending your child to a private school means enrollment is selective and demands are uniformly higher versus a public school where they will be exposed to a wider variety of people and abilities.

In today's world, both are likely to incorporate students from various cultures and Sign up to receive our free email newsletter, and up to three special offers from homeschool providers every Homeschooling has a number of pros and cons versus private schools, as outlined here, looking at why parents might choose home school or private  · decreases in the number of parents who decide to home school their children versus sending them to public school (Long, ).

Definition of Terms. Compulsory Education: Compulsory education laws require parents to send their children to a Home Schooled vs. Public Schooled Public School versus Home School Public School versus Home School Over the years people have debated which one is a better education system for children, whether it is public school, or home school.

There are many arguments for which one benefits the student more, such as social development in children, the education level to which he receives  · Looking at the average performance of the nation's public schools, they don't appear to be providing an A+ service, but comparing a public school to the other options isn't entirely //

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