Salad fingers thesis

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Salad fingers thesis

Share Salad Fingers is a animated series by David Firth. It is a psychological horror series about the titular character of Salad Fingers' life in a seemingly devastated city. Salad Fingers is a green, hunchbacked humanoid who has finger puppets as his only forms of company.

Because of the surreality of this web series, many fan theories have arisen regarding this series. Contents [ show ] The Cannibal Theory One theory states that Salad Fingers is a cannibal, and is either denying it, or is oblivious to the fact.

Salad Fingers is believed to suffer from multiple personality disorder, and that Hubert Cumberdale one of his finger puppets was his true personality, and SF was just Hubert's gentle and oblivious side.

The theory also notes SF's obsession with a substance that he believes is rust.

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You see, rust is closely related to blood, right down to its taste, iron content, and color, which adds credibility to Salad fingers thesis theory that Salad Fingers' alter-ego, Hubert Cumberdale, is obsessed with blood. This theory also implies that Salad Fingers may not even know what blood is, but states that he loved it in Episode 2 of the webseries, stating that he loved Salad fingers thesis when the red water came out of him after he had pricked one of his fingers on a hanging nail.

The theory also suggests that Salad Fingers wears the skins of his victims as a reference to the serial killer Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

It's implied that he would soon do the same with the baby's father, who was represented as the crazy man who antagonized SF throughout the episode.

He also allegedly beat the man to death in his Hubert Cumberdale persona. It's also believed that SF had a wife whom he then murdered in his Hubert Cumberdale persona, and later cooked her in the oven.

The woman's name was believed to have been Baxter, which means "baker. More letters may be revealed later on. Salad Fingers would constantly mention this war throughout the series, and what this war was and when and how it started is currently unknown.

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One theory about this war states that this war was most likely nuclear. This war was believed to haveworld-wide conflict, and it resulted in the deaths of billions of people.

This may also explain why the characters of Salad Fingers are how they are. They may have been mutated during the nuclear fallout of the nuclear war, and this may also explain the desolate appearance of the show, and may also be the reason as to why Salad Fingers may be the only living creature for miles, and the reason as to why he has finger puppets as his only company.

Most of the characters are unable to speak, mostly likely too mutilated to even do so.

Salad fingers thesis

This might also explain why SF is so shocked when he hears the little girl speak in episode 5, for he most likely hadn't heard another voice in a very long time. Another example that supports this in the end of episode 7 where SF says to Kenneth's corpse "Back to the trenches with you.

One explanation for this: War is that there was no war in the first place, and that it's all in Salad Fingers' mind.

Considering the surreality of the series, and that Salad Fingers is an unreliable narrator, this may as well be true.

Re: Salad Fingers

However, we won't fully know until David Firth decides to produce anymore episodes regarding SF. The Theory is about the war, diseased family members and deep meanings about Salad Fingers.The Salad Fingers inside the house speaks with a slightly rougher voice, and the perspective switches to his.

Salad fingers thesis

To him, the Salad Fingers coming in from outside – the one we are familiar with – appears to be a life-size Jeremy Fisher. The most used sex position is the missionary this position, the participants face each other. The receiving partner lies on their back with legs apart, while the penetrating partner lies on top.

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