Scholar paper

It is absolutely necessary that you will have a clear, articulate vision of what you would like to write on.

Scholar paper

Writing Resources Overview and Purpose The Scholarly Paper's purpose is to demonstrate your ability to synthesize technical information Scholar paper a coherent form.

The document you write is intended to reflect the level of expertise and understanding that you have acquired after the first year in Graduate School; Scholar paper further information on this, see the content section. Telecommunications professionals, like most engineers and executives, will inevitably be called upon to compose technical or business document.

The Scholarly Paper is intended to prepare you to write a "Working Paper" or trade publication. To this end, the paper should adhere to a style of proper academic writing and citations. The paper should be an excellent addition to your job-hunting portfolio and it should accurately convey to an interviewer your understanding of telecommunications and professionalism.

Format The Scholarly Paper should include the following sections and parts: Title page with an appropriate and brief title, abstract, signed honor pledge Abstract, a one paragraph words summary of the paper that states why the topic is important and what is being covered in the paper Introduction which presents the background for the subject of the paper Sections, one or more, that provide the main content of the paper Conclusion which briefly summarizes one or two paragraphs what the paper accomplished List of References in proper citation style.

The format of the Scholarly Paper should adhere to the following: Times New Roman, point font Spacing: References must follow the IEEE Style Guide Include at least three distinct professional-grade references Internet links are not adequate citation formats. Sometimes an organization will cease to make some of its publications openly available, requiring disbursement or membership to access those files.

The title and author are not enough for any search engine to find the paper. The reader may sometimes find a number of on-line copies of papers with that title and those authors legitimate and otherwisebut may still not be able to discern what was the publishing source.

Some papers have the publishing organization written in their margins, but not all do. Was it originally a white paper, or perhaps a brochure? Was it an article in a journal or a conference proceeding?

Was the paper peer-reviewed before publication?

Scholar paper

The reader must be allowed to discern the credibility of the paper by verifying its legitimate source. Your topic should relate either to the business or engineering aspects you have learned within the ENTS program.

For example, a topic discussed in a course may provide a starting point from which a student may delve deeper. If you choose to do this, make sure that your choice is suitable for the Scholarly Paper and follows the spirit and depth of knowledge as described in the overview section.

Authors must verify that the Scholarly Paper does not overlap with any paper previously submitted for academic purposes. You don't need to conduct original research. An investigation into the topic using a variety of credible sources should be enough.

You should consult and cite a minimum of three distinct, professional-grade references. Authors have a variety of methods for putting their ideas together. Here is one method: Read the first paper that you are using as a source, the one you think is the most important for your topic.The Walden University Writing Center offers a range of instructional pages on scholarly writing, including topics such as common course assignments, undergraduate writing, scholarly voice, using evidence, plagiarism prevention, and more.

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The relevant scholarly paper should adhere the classic structure, which consists of an abstract, introductory material, literature review, methodology, main body of the paper, and a conclusion. A word abstract must accompany the article as a short description of its content.

The introductory material is the first section of the scholarly. Scholarly Paper Requirement All students must write and submit an approved Scholarly Paper prior to the end of their final semester to fulfill their degree requirement.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Writing a Scholarly Paper