The evolution of surfing as an olympic event

The decision by the th IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro was the most comprehensive evolution of the Olympic programme in modern history. Plans call for staging the skateboarding and sports climbing events in temporary venues installed in urban settings, marking a historic step in bringing the Games to young people and reflecting the trend of urbanisation of sport. The Organising Committee for the Tokyo Games proposed the five new sports in response to the new flexibility provided by Olympic Agenda The recommendation to give Organising Committees the flexibility to propose new sports for their edition of the Games was intended to put even more focus on innovation, flexibility and youth in the development Olympic programme.

The evolution of surfing as an olympic event

The Tokyo Olympics may include surfing as an official event. New technology aside, the notion of surfing molding itself to the principles of the Olympic games raises plenty of questions.

There are the issues of fairness, regulations, and well, if we really want to quantify waveriding more than we already have.

To get a general consensus on the topic, we asked a handful of surfers, writers, and editors to share their opinions the last time this was in the news, in Should surfing be an Olympic sport?

Surfing should be an Olympic Sport for sure. We surf against the best surfers from countries around the world on the ASP. It would be unreal competing alongside Kelly Slater against friends like Mick Fanning, while representing the U.

The evolution of surfing as an olympic event

Now more then ever there are many countries with talented surfers. Signs point to continuing in this direction. It would be hard to have the event when the hosting city is land locked, but with the way technology is going it seems we will be able to bring world class waves and surfing anywhere.

No, no and err The fact that no two waves are ever the same is what makes surfing, surfing. Look at snowboarding for a future view of what surfing could look like if it were a part of the Olympics.

Hence, manmade waves will be needed.

Smart power acadamy Baron Pierre de Coubertin Various uses of the term "Olympic" to describe athletic events in the modern era have been documented since the 17th century. It was first organised by the lawyer Robert Dover between andwith several later celebrations leading up to the present day.
Los Angeles Times - We are currently unavailable in your region And now that the clouds of highly-opinionated internet dust have settled, questions remain. Mainly — what will surfing in the Olympics look like?
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I believe this technology will be available at a reasonable cost in the very near future. Thought I was done being pissed off over the year mainstreaming of this wonderful sport. Thought I was old enough, and far away enough from Orange County, to not much care.

But the thought of surfing in the Olympics brings a familiar dab of bile to my throat.

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Can we just all agree to pretend, for a little while longer, that surfing is a unique thing to do? Gabriel Medina, World Champ: Yes, I think surfing should be included, and I would absolutely love to surf in the Olympics.

It would be such a great honor to represent my country.s & s. Skateboarding continues to grow as the anti-establishment subculture that we all know it as.

Skateboarders had become hell bent on progressing their passion for the sport so they started building there own ramps in their backyards.

Surfing is finally, officially, an Olympic sport. Today the IOC voted to add surfing to the sporting menu of the Tokyo games, which was the final obstacle in the voting version of the meter hurdles that new sports must, uh, hurdle, to get into the games.

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Held every four years, the Sailing World Championships is one of the biggest global sailing event in the world. Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus is the first big qualification for the Olympic games in Tokyo Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Various uses of the term "Olympic" to describe athletic events in the modern era have been documented since the 17th century.

The first such event was the Cotswold Games or "Cotswold Olimpick Games", an annual meeting near Chipping Campden, England, involving various was first organised by the lawyer Robert Dover between and , with several later celebrations leading up to.

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