The metaphysical agenda essay

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The metaphysical agenda essay

Does God have an Agenda? By Ben Iscatus This is a guest essay submitted to the Metaphysical Speculations Discussion Forumreviewed, commented on and approved for publication by forum members.

The opinions expressed in the essay are those of its author. Don't say this isn't an ambitious subject! Idealism takes many forms, but in what follows, I am assuming that monistic Idealism is true.

This means that God or Consciousness is all there is. What we call 'matter' is just how ideas or thoughts in God's mind appear and register to the senses of avatars humans and animals in God's dream of Planet Earth. I will use the terms "God" and "Consciousness" interchangeably here. The essay is an informal and sometimes avant-garde exploration of some of the issues, and I hope you find it entertaining.

OK, that's the premise. So what is God dreaming and why?

Kant's Critique of Metaphysics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

First, there doesn't actually have to be a "why. No reason is intrinsically necessary. This is the view that Ancient Chinese philosophy takes. However, if human beings are delimited aspects or sub-personalities of God, then we might be expected to share some of God's mental attributes.

Curiosity about our origin may therefore be something that derives from God Himself.

The metaphysical agenda essay

Now, it may be that only humans have this need to search for a "why" because to borrow Bernardo's analogybeing little whirlpools cut off from the sight of the great river makes us self-reflective I can't see the river or feel its flow, so how on Earth did I get here and why do I exist?

In this analogy, animals would be swirls and eddies rather than full whirlpools, not cut off from the natural flow of the world, and God, being the whole river itself, would instinctively know who and what He was. Nevertheless, He might like to see how He appears from multiple different, limited perspectives, which is why he creates or permits the human whirlpools In spite of this possibility, if you can accept the idea that a Creator God may not be utterly ineffable and may indeed have reasons that humans might understand for His thinking and dreaming, then we can speculate what these reasons might be.

The most obvious religious idea about what God is to us in the West, is the Christian one of 'Love', though many polytheistic gods have not been loving, so we might wonder where that monotheistic idea comes from.

God as Love may simply derive from the way that parents behave towards children. Right across Nature, parents of many animals show care and nurture of their offspring, particularly mammals. Even alligators carry their newly hatched young gently in their mouths down to the river. Without Love, the young more easily die and the whole species is put at risk.

Yes, Religion extends this Love beyond death, due to a faith in having an immortal soul or a belief in our connection to God, but the whole concept may originally derive from a powerful strategy for survival which is found throughout the natural world.

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Love is also our name for sexual attraction, of course, another powerful evolutionary strategy. Freud showed how sex can be sublimated, and it is easy to imagine with the Christian Church's distrust of sex, how enforced celibacy has affected monks, priests and the faithful.

In nuns, the added complication of a frustrated maternal drive might well be expected to lead, on occasion, to ecstatic visions of God. Going against this pragmatic explanation are ahem, celibate!

Those who have Near Death Experiences often concur though not always. But who is to say that any mystical experience of loving ecstasy is a final truth, any more than what religious seers and prophets have said about the future is the truth?


Here's a poem I wrote in sonnet form that expresses this idea in terms of near death experiences: Loosh What is this 'Light' the near-dead rave about Which sucks them up into its shining sphere— The atheists as well as the devout— Kiss-blisses them, then spits them back down here? In a hypnotic haze of love and awe, The ravished claim this White Light is divine, But how can all the rest of us be sure Its ministrations are, in fact, benign?The Metaphysical Agenda - From the beginning of our time, the species of man has expressed himself/ herself through various mediums and proven devotion there in to various ideals.

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The metaphysical agenda essay

This conjures up, in my mind, the concept and exploitation of one such - the Metaphysical. From here on, I attempt to address this question of the validity of the Metaphysical, and furthermore, relay an affinity for an artist to not only borrow from a pure thought or conceptual school, but also become a profiteer in the wake of its conception.

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Another great essay. I enjoy your writing so much Mr. Kingsworth– its like having my innermost feelings, thoughts and ideas given voice in . (This is a guest essay submitted to the Metaphysical Speculations Discussion Forum, reviewed, commented on and approved for publication by forum members.

The opinions expressed in the essay are those of its author.) Don't say this isn't an ambitious subject! Idealism takes many forms, but in what.

The Fallacies of Egoism and Altruism, and the Fundamental Principle of Morality