The seducer of northern australia essay

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The seducer of northern australia essay

Information about this species has been distributed throughout coastal Australia to educate the community and encourage the reporting of sightings CSIRO, Legislation has been enacted in New Zealand to prevent discharge of ballast water taken from the Derwent Estuary and Port Phillip Bay areas in Australia where the northern seastar has been reported during the spawning season of the northern seastar Ross et al.

Poisons, such as quick lime, are available but are not specific to A. Other possible control measures are being researched: Changes in salinity were successful in laboratory experiments. Freshwater immersion has been found to be a successful method of killing Asterias larvae, with larvae unable to survive exposures to salinities less than 9.

Manually removing seastars using divers has proven to be unsuccessful. However, for seastar A. This highlights the ineffectiveness of diver collection as a control method for large populations McEnnulty et.

Collection of seastars by hand has also proven to be unsuccessful. Manual removal of seastars has been attempted on aquaculture farms, around oyster racks and grow-up trays, and in the intertidal using dip nets or poles with a long nail on the end to spike the seastars McEnnulty et.

Dredging is unlikely to have a significant impact on the A. Seastars are removed using scallop dredges and traps before reseeding and removed using rope trawls mops after reseeding.

While seastars reinvade the cleared areas, a significant number of scallops can be harvested by the end of the three year period McEnnulty et.

Trapping has resulted in limited success. Most seastars were caught within the first hours and larger individuals dominated catches. Small mesh traps 26mm caught more seastars than large mesh 65mm traps.

Using traps at the perimeter of an area manually cleared of seastars by divers was not successful in preventing seastars reinvading the area, even with traps spaced 2.

The effectiveness with which traps catch A. In fact seastars were found to immigrate rapidly and persistently into the trapped area McEnnulty et. Netting has limited success. Dipnets can be used in the shallow subtidal with some success to collect individuals McEnnulty et.

The seducer of northern australia essay

Seastars collected in mid were used for composting trials carried out by the Department of Agricultural Science at the University of Tasmania. Seastars could be made into satisfactory organic mulch suitable for application to agricultural soils.

The seducer of northern australia essay

However, commercial exploitation of A. These included two parasitic crustaceans a copepod and an ascothoracicanone parasitic gastropod, and a spermiphagous ciliate. Three of these species affect seastar reproduction, and one causes somatic necrosis. A preliminary analysis on the spermiphagous ciliate Orchitophyra stellarum showed that the species is not host specific and could expand its host range to include native species.

Bibliography Top of page Bryne M. Introduction of the northern Pacific asteroid Asterias amurensis to Tasmania: Decision support tools-Identifying potentially invasive non-native marine and freshwater species: Entrainment of the North Pacific seastar, Asterias amurensis, in non-ballast vectors: Ships hulls, aquaculture and fishing gear.

Proceedings of a meeting on the biology and management of the introduced seastar Asterias amurensis in Australian waters, 19 May Invasion of the killer seastars. Part II Ranking of Australian marine pests.

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