Visit to an ice cream factory

Author and blogger Karen Axelrod says she has always been curious about the origins of everything from toothpaste to tea bags. Visitors can tour the Harley Davidson factory in York, Penn. Visitors will see steel presses cranking out fenders and fuel tanks.

Visit to an ice cream factory

Craig recently discovered that New Forest Ice Cream has been supplying Lighthouse with ice cream since it first launched in — making them our longest-standing supplier.

Visit to an ice cream factory

With Lighthouse celebrating its 40th birthday this year and New Forest Ice Cream its 35th, it seemed a fitting time to get our heads together and celebrate our long and successful partnership, as well as looking to the future.

We pulled up in the car park at 11am and despite a few sat nav high-jinks en route there was no mistaking we were in the right place — the new production facility which the company moved into 5 years ago is an impressive sight.

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As we were to discover, New Forest Ice Cream is a real family affair, with Niki and Christina working alongside their cousin Dave, too! With introductions out of the way we were offered a tour of the factory, which of course we jumped at. All jewellery had to be removed first and foremost who wants to find an earring in their ice cream?

There is literally nothing about the ice cream manufacturing process that this man does not know, and we were quickly overawed by his enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge.

Visit to an ice cream factory

Our tour started in the pasteurisation room, where we were faced with an impressive array of huge metal vats. Dave explained that the ice cream making process begins when the fresh milk arrives at the factory and is tested to ensure it is safe for human consumption.

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From the vat it passes through to a homogeniser, which puts the milk through a very fine and dense filter to break down the mix.Last week, while on a visit to Burlington, Vermont, a fellow journalist and I detoured to nearby Waterbury to visit the Ben & Jerry's ice cream for kids and adults alike, the tour is short, sweet and even offers a historical lesson on how the beloved ice cream brand came to be.

HUB Ice Cream Factory is celebrating our 1st ANNIVERSARY the entire weekend of Friday, May 20th to Sunday, May 22nd with a BUY 1 cone/scoop & GET 1 cone/scoop 1/2 OFF all DAY on Sunday AND a visit from the The University of Arizona‘s Wilbur T. Wildcat from 1 . The strawberry cheesecake ice cream might actually taste better than a regular cheesecake since it has mini cheesecake bits inside and you are getting ice cream with it is a bonus!

I personally enjoyed coming here and look forward to trying their rolled ice cream next time. Nov 22,  · To rate the It's-It Ice Cream factory lower than 5 stars is borderline blasphemous to all that's holy in the foodie world. These delectable little chocolate dipped ice cream and oatmeal-graham cookie sandwiches are the stuff dreams are made of/ Yelp reviews.

Aug 27,  · We wanted to visit the factory of this well known chocolate covered cookie ice cream sandwich. The showroom is small and they sell all the regular flavors of It's It, as well as their seasonal flavors/5(23).

Visit the Ben & Jerry's Waterbury Factory and learn how Ben & Jerry’s gets so much deliciousness into every scoop! Take our minute guided factory tour and learn how we make ice cream and how we put our values into action at every step of the process.

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