Why i want to be a early childhood teacher

Students With the ongoing debates about teachers unions, standardized testing, and higher education, it can be easy to forget about the importance of early childhood education.

Why i want to be a early childhood teacher

Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementary school. Preschool is an opportunity for growth For many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children.

Preschool prepares children for kindergarten As kindergarten becomes more academic, many parents look to preschool to launch their child on the path to success in school. At the same time, parents may worry that the current trend to focus on pre-math and pre-literacy skills in preschool cuts into important play time and pushes a child to grow up too fast.

A high-quality early childhood education program will offer children both. And what features should parents look for in a preschool program?

Why i want to be a early childhood teacher

One answer to these questions is that the staff at high-quality preschools and child care programs understand the particular ways that young children develop and learn. Preschool promotes social and emotional development In order to learn, a young child needs to feel cared for and secure with a teacher or caregiver.

A 3-year-old child is able to spend time away from parents and build trusting relationships with adults outside the family.

High-quality preschool programs nurture warm relationships among children, teachers and parents. And teachers build a close personal connection with each child in their care. Children thrive when there is consistency in care between home and school. In high-quality preschools, teachers value parents as the experts on their children.

Without shaming a child, they encourage her to notice the impact of her aggressive or hurtful behavior on another child. The preschool environment is structured, although it may not appear that way A highly structured environment helps young children learn to make friends and play well with others.

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On the contrary, the structure of a high-quality preschool classroom is largely invisible to children. Classroom space is organized to encourage social interaction, and minimize congestion and conflicts.

Children get to make choices Children have several choices of activities; a child who is wandering aimlessly is encouraged to choose one that interests him.

Teachers also encourage a child to view herself as a resource for other children. In a high-quality preschool program, children are introduced to the behaviors required to function successfully in a kindergarten classroom. In a conversational manner, and without dominating the discussion, teachers help children stretch their language skills by asking thought-provoking questions and introducing new vocabulary during science, art, snack time, and other activities.

Children have many opportunities to sing, talk about favorite read-aloud books, and act out stories. However, teachers understand that preschool children are not logical in the adult sense of the word; their explanations of what makes a plant grow or why people get old, may not involve cause and effect.

Preschool-age children have active imaginations and learn through make-believe play. Teachers know that the line between reality and fantasy is often not clear to a young child.

Sometimes this results in fears of monsters under the bed.More Essay Examples on Education Rubric. The purpose of education is not to fill the minds of children with facts.

Early childhood educators instruct and inspire young minds at their most impressionable stage. As an early childhood education teacher, you will contribute to growth, learning and development, and create environments for exploration and discovery for all students. Professional Development in Early Childhood Education - The first few years of a young child’s life, from birth to four years old, are very critical to his/her overall development, due to most of the time, teacher professionals are individuals who play the key and an active role in their early childhood development are teacher professionals who have a passion and a genuine desire to help. Early childhood educators play such an important role in a child’s development. They inspire young minds, expose them to the joys of learning, and give them the foundation for lifelong success. Here are five reasons to study early childhood education. In this type of program, you’ll learn about.

It is to teach them to think for themselves. Young children need a warm and inviting atmosphere to learn. I want to talk to you about the early years teacher training programme, why I think it has been successful, and to encourage you to work with us further to drive up standards within the sector.

Why train to be an early years teacher? By becoming an early years teacher, you’ll make a lasting, positive impact on children’s well-being and development, opening young children’s minds to new concepts and ideas on a daily basis. A Guide to Early Childhood Program Development Early Childhood.

CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION TEACHER BEHAVIORS – 15 TEACHER STRATEGIES – 16 CURRICULUM PLANNING – 17 • Early learning and development are multidimensional. Early childhood educators instruct and inspire young minds at their most impressionable stage.

As an early childhood education teacher, you will contribute to growth, learning and development, and create environments for exploration and discovery for all students.

The assessment of young children's development and learning has recently taken on new importance. Private and government organizations are developing programs to enhance the school readiness of all young children, especially children from economically disadvantaged homes and communities and children with special needs.

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