Write equivalent fractions

Jump to navigation Jump to search A cake with one quarter one fourth removed. The remaining three fourths are shown. Dotted lines indicate where the cake may be cut in order to divide it into equal parts. A fraction from Latin fractus, "broken" represents a part of a whole or, more generally, any number of equal parts.

Write equivalent fractions

There are five question types on the GED math test. Multiple Choice You are given four possible answers.

Want to practice simplifying fractions?

Choose the one you arrived at or the one closest to what you think it is. Fill-in-the-blank You need to type in your answer. Drop-down Item Similar to multiple choice except the there could be more than one drop down you need to complete per question and there could be more than four options per drop-down.

Hot Spot Item You select the answer by clicking a spot or multiple spots on the screen, usually on a coordinate grid, graph or chart. Drag-and-drop Item You put your answer together from optional parts by selecting the parts and dragging them in the correct order.

After using the calculator on your smartphone it may feel a little clunky and non-intuitive, but it likely offers more functions.

Equivalent Fractions Worksheets

You can download and practice using a trial version of this calculator to get used to using it. I encourage you to use it on practice questions as you prepare for the GED. TIXS Multiview calculator download link On questions where you can use a calculator there will be an icon displayed where you can open the calculator.

You also have the option of bringing your own hand-held TIXS to the test. Formula Sheet Throughout the test you are can refer to this formula sheet.

Equivalent Fractions

You just need to know how to use them, not memorize them. Here is a link to the.Equivalent fraction worksheets contain step-by-step solving process, identifying missing numbers, finding the value of the variables, completing the chain of equivalent fractions, writing equivalent fractions represented by pie models and fraction bars and representing the visual graphics in fractions.

Write equivalent fractions

Equivalent fractions may look different, but when you reduce then to the lowest terms you will get the same value. If any fraction is not reduced to lowest terms, you can get other equivalent fractions just dividing both numerator and .

You can make equivalent fractions by multiplying or dividing both top and bottom by the same amount. You only multiply or divide, never add or subtract, to get an equivalent fraction.

Write equivalent fractions

Only divide when the top and bottom stay as whole numbers. Aug 10,  · Write equivalent fractions. Help please 1. 3/12= 2.

Equivalent Fractions Calculator

4/5= 3. 7/8= 4. 4/30= Upload failed. Please upload a file larger than x pixels; We are experiencing some problems, please try tranceformingnlp.com: Open. Improve your math knowledge with free questions in "Find fractions equivalent to whole numbers" and thousands of other math skills.

In order to become skilled in mathematics you need to practice! Try a workout of 10 problems. If you get at least 8 correct on your first attempt, then you're ready to move on.

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