Writing a diary entry year 3000

Keeping a diary boosts children's writing skills and enjoyment Keeping a diary boosts children's writing skills and enjoyment Children who keep a diary are almost twice as likely to write above the expected level for their age. The National Literacy Trust is working with award-winning children's author Jacqueline Wilson on their latest campaign to get more children writing.

Writing a diary entry year 3000

Write routinely over extended time frames time for research, reflection, and revision and shorter time frames a single sitting or a day or two for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences.

writing a diary entry year 3000

Complete Theme Analysis 35 minutes Students have the first half of the block to complete their Theme Analysis continued from the previous day's lesson. I circulate, as always during writers workshop. This writing assignment won't go through all the stages of revision.

I'm really just looking to make sure they have a solid understanding of theme, the central idea of the novel, as well as a firm grasp of parts of plot.

This time should be focused and hushed. Kids are on a time crunch. I want them to finish today. Where are they now? Ten years in the future.

I ask them to work at their table groups. Each table is assigned a different major character from So B. On the board I'll write: Imagine ten years have passed since the book has ended. Where are these characters now?

Make a list of all the possible events that could have transpired. What is currently happening in these characters' lives? As a small group, I'll designate one character as theirs.

They will write a list in their notebooks of all the possible place this character could be. All of the events they could now be involved in. They we make a master list on the board Where are our characters now?

I ask that their lists be semi-believable. But it is okay to have a little fun with this Letter or Diary Entry Writing 20 minutes.Another colouful PowerPoint to teach KS2 Primary children the key features of writing a diary entry. Download this slide PowerPoint to explore with children what makes a good diary entry.

Read extracts from diaries of a Wimpy Kid, Anne Frank, Mother Teresa, Ronaldo, One Direction and Usain Bolt. An especially handy feature is the ability to embed links to previous diary entries, so you can instantly go to the relevant page without having to search.

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You can change themes, too. Sample diary entry Friday, 18 th September, 9 pm My grandfather took me to a village fair yesterday and it was a great experience for me. A diary entry from that character's perspective. Or, a letter from any of the character's we mentioned, to another character we've mentioned.

Students are forced to infer. In July John Liffen, Curator of Communications at the Science Museum in London, published the definitive history of Cooke and Wheatstone's earliest telegraph instruments and their use between and ; it is very different from accepted history.

writing a diary entry year 3000

A diary entry is not very common among people today but with social media like facebook and gmail, one keeps a record of his life and that is a clear say that diary entry is not a sheer activity in schools, it is human by nature.

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